Whether you live in Lewis & Harris, or are just visiting, you can trust ATS to provide comfortable and efficient transport services between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday.  We accept card payments.
Pre-booking is advised.


Our taxi service provides a wheelchair accessible vehicle to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to travel where they want or need to go. Our vehicle comes with a further 5 seats so all the family can travel too.


Our courier services ensure that your package or luggage arrives safely and on time across Lewis & Harris. ATS works with a number of national carriers to ensure a quality service is provided whatever you are sending or expecting.


ATS is not just for people! We carry bikes and luggage too.  So, if you are thinking of travelling by foot or bike, we can be there to take the strain and ensure you, your luggage and your other mode of transport can all make your next stop on time.


From sunrise to sunset, we move people.

Outer Hebrides

One of our favourite locations on Lewis

Feel Good

This is how we want you to feel with ATS

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